Intriguing Christmas Table Decor Ideas

With Christmas round the corner, there’s a festive mood everywhere. No matter what the menu may be, or who your guests are, you need to give your holiday table a special sparkle. It’s the Christmas centrepiece which is the focal and most important element of the Christmas table.

And you needn’t spend a fortune to get one. You can use the festive colours of green, red, gold and silver, with your imagination to create some really intriguing Christmas centrepieces. If you need some starting help, here are some interesting Christmas table décor ideas worth trying out!

Red Christmas Table

Red Christmas Table

This is the perfect table decoration for long dinner or banquet tables. You need a long centrepiece stretching across the length of the table with a floral or candle arrangement in the table centre. It’s left to you to choose the colours for tablecloths, napkins, glassware, tableware and accessories so that it matches the themes of your dinner table. As it’s always better to use a combination of two colours for your decoration theme, this table décor incorporates the festive colours of red and green as the main colours, which help set the right mood for the festive occasion!

Original: 42 Stunning Christmas Table Decorations Making Your Celebrations A Treat To Remember!

White and Gold Christmas Table

This beautiful table centrepiece is just perfect to harbour in the festive spirit and mood. It uses the beautiful colour combination of white and gold. The table is covered with a white tablecloth. As Christmas balls and tree ornaments are always an interesting addition to your Christmas centrepiece, this table décor has gold and rustic colored balls placed in a transparent bowl, which is placed in the middle of the table. Some candles have also been placed on the table to give a more festive look to the table. Even the plates and candles used are white in colour, to add more uniformity and elegance to the table décor.

Original: Beautiful and Creative Home Decor Ideas

Contrasting Red and White

What better Christmas combination can you use than white and red for your table décor? This contrasting combination of vibrant colours adds a touch of sophistication to your Christmas table. The cutlery set nicely blends with the table décor with its white base and beautiful red floral design on it. Set on a white tablecloth, the red place mats, napkins and glasses give just the right contrast to the table decoration. To top it all, there is a beautiful glass centrepiece in the middle of the table giving the table the elegance and beauty it deserves!

Original: Southern Living

Unique Christmas Table Décor Ideas

Who said you can’t break the rules while decorating for Christmas? Instead of using the usual red, green and gold colours, here is a table decoration idea with a twist. The light blue and silver combination used for cutlery, napkins and the table décor makes your table look more innovative and sophisticated. Take note of the centrepiece which is a transparent vessel carrying gold, blue and white Christmas balls and the individual blue Christmas balls placed on each plate, making your table and décor look so modern and stylish!

Original: 50 Creative & Classy DIY Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Tasteful and Nutritious Paleo Cookies to Try Out

Paleo cookies have been a top recommendation of health specialists and nutritionists. These unique cookies are based on the paleo diet, which is a dietary plan that entails foods presumed to have been eaten during the Paleolithic era by the early humans. The diet relatively includes fish, meat, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. One aspect that makes the paleo diet a top choice is its weight loss ability. The natural food content of the diet doesn’t only promote fat loss, but it also supplies healthy fat and high protein level to the body. Also, many celebrities are following the diet, and for that, many people want to try it as well. Here is a look at some healthy and nutritious cookies prepared under the paleo diet.

Sugar-free Paleo Cookies

Sugar-free Paleo Cookies

This is one of the paleo cookies that is easy to make and also quite delicious. It is free of refined sugar and grains, and you can be sure of enjoying it any time of the day. The butter shortbread is topped with toasted coconut and drizzled with sweet honey caramel. With these cookies, you will not only enjoy the tastiness, but it is also good for your health.

To prepare it, you will need almond flour, coconut sugar, coconut flour, some vanilla extract, baking soda, butter, raw honey, and unsalted nut butter. For the chocolate drizzle, you will require cacao powder, chopped cacao butter, and raw honey.

Original: Life Hack

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies look delicious, and you can even prepare them for your guests at home. It will take you just about fifteen minutes to bake them. With these paleo cookies, you will have to mix the ingredients thoroughly for a perfect bake. The nuts are also a point of focus, so you can use any, though walnuts are the most recommended.

Some of the ingredients needed to prepare these cookies include, raw honey, vanilla, salt, chopped walnuts, Sunflower seed butter, or any nut butter, baking powder, cinnamon, baking soda, and an egg. It is not the best cookie for people allergic to nuts and eggs.

Original: 50 Chocolate Chip Reasons to go Paleo

Paleo Cookies with Cranberries

Paleo Cookies with Cranberries

Preparing these cookies is easy, and they also include the paleo ingredients that are good for your health. The point of focus is the tart cranberries, which go well with the tasty chocolate chips. The almond butter backdrop adds some nuttiness to the cookies as well. They are sweet enough to replace the refined white sugar.

To prepare these paleo cookies, you will need crushed flaxseeds, chopped cranberries, baking soda, coconut sugar, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, and some salt. You can also use one large egg or about three tablespoons of water. Keep in mind that these cookies contain nuts and eggs.

Original: paleOMG

No-Bake Paleo Bars

No-Bake Paleo Bars

If you are not into baking, you can try out these amazing cookies. They are easy to prepare, and you will not be required to bake them at all. The cookies are flavorful and perfect replacements of the regular candy bars. You will enjoy the tastiness of coconut, chocolate, and almond in these cookies. These cookies also contain healthy fats and fiber.

To prepare these paleo cookies, you will need an almond meal, almond extract, a pinch of salt, coconut oil, maple syrup, unsweetened coconut, and raw cacao powder. A regular loaf pan can serve you well as you prepare these cookies, and the coconut fillings add some extra tastiness to them.

Original: Easy Paleo and Lowcarb Recipes

Delicious Homemade Treats for Halloween

It is that time of the year again when you get to prepare frighteningly delicious homemade treats for Halloween. From sweets to popcorns, there is a wide variety of savory ingredients you can experiment with this Halloween. Additionally, most of these treats are easy to prepare as they are delicious. Thus, if you are thinking of hosting a freaky party for your friends or family members, there are numerous Halloween snack recipes available online as well as in your favorite cookbooks. Here is a list of five wickedly delicious snacks and treats that you can never go wrong with on Halloween.

Mummy Treats

Mummy Treats

What do you get when you wrap store-bought snack cakes with chocolate and frosting? Mummy cake pops of course. These spooky mummy inspired cake pops are easy to prepare and are awesome homemade treats for Halloween parties. To prepare mummy cake pops all you require are vanilla cake snack cakes, melted chocolate chips, white sugar, vanilla frosting, lollipop sticks and candy buttons. These mummified cake pops come in many versions, thus you can get creative when preparing your own batch of mummy cake pops. Additionally, you can decorate your cake pops according to the theme color of your Halloween party.

Original: Pinterest

Spider Eggs Halloween Treats

Spider Eggs Halloween Treats

If you are a fan of creepy crawlies, then you will love these spider deviled eggs. Prepared from stuffed olives and deviled eggs, these creepy homemade treats for Halloween are perfect for your upcoming Halloween soiree. In addition to deviled eggs and stuffed olives, you will also need mayonnaise, minced shallot, mustard, and pepper to prepare these spider inspired snacks. Alternatively, you can use green olives, rosemary leaves, and tooth picks to prepare your own version of spider Halloween treats. Thus, whether you want to impress your friends or you want to scare some of your family members, you can never go wrong with these treats.

Original: 60+ Easy and Spooky DIY Halloween Treats – Cute DIY Projects

Rice Treats for Halloween

Rice Treats for Halloween

Unleash your inner monster with these monstrous homemade treats for Halloween. A hybrid of a monster and a vampire, these tasty snacks will have you and your friends psyched up for Halloween. To prepare these tasty snacks, you will need unsalted butter, marshmallows, salt, rice cereal, vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter and plastic vampire teeth. Since all the ingredients required in the making of these rice cereals monster treats are easily available, you can easily prepare them at home.


Pumpkin Inspired Cheese Balls

Pumpkin Inspired Cheese Balls

No list of homemade treats for Halloween would be complete without spooky pumpkin inspired treats. These mini pumpkin cheese balls are fun to prepare and exquisite on your taste buds. As their name suggests you will need softened cream cheese, red peppers, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, cheddar cheese, paprika and green onions. To enjoy these pumpkin cheese balls, you will have to beat the cream cheese, red peppers, garlic, and cayenne. Once they are all well blended store the mixture in a refrigerator for two hours. After this roll the mixture into a ball and sprinkle the paprika and use a knife to give the rolled mixture a pumpkin shape. Use the green onions as the stem of the pumpkins.

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Great Easter Cakes Ideas to Enjoy

Everyone enjoys a tasty easter cake. Time goes by quickly than we like to admit and Easter is getting closer and closer. It is one of the holidays when you get to spend quality time at home, irrespective of your age. It is the time to feel like a child again and to smile just looking at your dear ones. But let’s not forget that a good cake can make things so much better as you can engage everyone into preparing it. We collected great cake ideas for the whole family so that you can pamper each member with delicious sweet treats.

Applesauce Cake

Applesauce Cake

If you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to do anything sophisticated, this easter cake recipe offered by Martha Stewart can come to the rescue. It is simple, cheap and it doesn’t require many ingredients. Also, by preparing this quick recipe you will have more time to catch up with the latest news while you sit back and relax. It is ideal if your family isn’t very pretentious and likes the good old simple yet yummy recipes. It is a great option also if you don’t have a sweet tooth and you prefer a moderately sweet dessert.

Original: Martha Stewart

Raw Chocolate Cake

Raw Chocolate Cake

If you are a chocolate fan, this one is for you. Or you can just make a great surprise to someone you love by making this yummy easter cake. Though Jamie Oliver doesn’t cease to impress with his talent, this recipe isn’t too difficult. It is also pretty fast too. Just make sure you get all the ingredients to get pampered with all the delightful flavors that this apparently simple cake can bring to the table. It is simple to prepare the icing and you can get creative while you are at it. Feel free to use several kinds of nuts to make the cake even more appealing.

Original: My Cake Recipes

Pomegranate Jewel Easter Cake

Pomegranate Jewel Easter cake

This year you should delight your taste buds with an easter cake suggested by Nigella Lawson. This one doesn’t only satisfy the sweet tooth, but it also addresses the concerns of family members who are interested in healthy fruits than in rich sophisticated frostings that take ages to be prepared. It is moist and tasty, just perfect for Easter day when everyone gathers around to talk and enjoy each other’s company. If you are not particularly a fan of pomegranates, that is no problem at all. Just choose any of your favorite fruits or even a mix of them on top. Berries are a great option.

Original: Cute DIY Projects

Homemade German Chocolate Cake

Homemade German Chocolate Cake

This easter cake might be a bit unusual, but a bit of international inspiration never hurts when it comes to baking. It can be regarded to be the sweeter version of the raw chocolate cake with a twist. The homemade coconut-pecan frosting makes all the difference here as it reminds us of times when people never went shopping for pastry. You can bet that everyone will appreciate your effort to prepare such a traditional cake that doesn’t compromise when it comes to taste. The combination of coconut and pecan flavor is really something that you should try soon.

Original: My Chocolate cake recipes

A Perfect Nail Designs is a Must Do For Every Elegant Woman

All women have a beauty treat that they are in love with; most love their nails. When your hands look great you feel confident, they say a lot about you. Earlier designs of acrylic nails did not provide an account to the accustomed nails, however the present acrylic nails are stronger, and they accommodate numerous benefits and are beautiful on the person wearing them. Experts, take precaution in carrying out procedures when attaching these nails ensuring that they prevent any infection that could come up beneath your acrylic nail.

Acrylic nails designs boosts the beauty of women and there is great variety of designs in the market. Below are some of the adorable acrylic nail designs.

Heart Acrylic Nails


In this image, the artist used different shades of pink and white. The nails are long enough, and are rectangular shaped, wide enough to accommodate the art. The pink color is applied at the bottom layer, and it is applied such that the shade carries a dome shape. The white color then follows with no particular shape; consequently, another pink layer follows at the top. Love hearts are then sprinkled at the top right, left or center depending on your preferences. This is a classy design, and you could get more creative by exploiting other colors.

Polka Dots

Pretty awesome, they actually look like a doll’s. The nails’ shape is rectangular but is not as curved as the ones in the previous image. The design requires that you firs apply a full coat of the pink gel. At the top, you draw a glitter line, which should be slanting, to the right or to the left. You then apply your polka dot, add another glitter line below, and garnish the look with white roses. The nails look spectacular and noticeable, this design is also flexible and allows you to use other different colors which is a good thing,

Latest Design

This design is unique and classy. From the image, the nails are rectangular with a flat top. Each nail carries a different print and from the look of things, the designer is so creative. The tiny finger carries a plain coat, which is garnished with black dots of different sizes, the next finger carries black spirals accompanied with other spirals that have different shades of purple, and the other fingers are similar to this one. However, the middle finger is beautified with what seems like boxes, well, I do not have a lot to say on this one except that it is amazing.

Blue with Beads

This is simple; the nails carry the normal shape and are not so long. They are beautified with clear gel then garnished with a blue coating, which is striped at the top. The nails are also garnished with a strip of blue beads. The design is simple but it is also classy, it would be suitable for the women that like keeping it low profile. via cute diy projects

Different colors


From the image, the nails are long; they are beautified with different glitters, pink, yellow, green, grey and a coat of gel at the bottom. However, the design is flexible and you could get creative by using other colors and garnishing them with glitters. They are suitable for the outgoing women, those that are not low profile. It is a crazy design but a classy one; it is amazing.

Benefits of Green Tea Detox for Hair

Are you facing excessive hair damage? One of the best home remedies that you can try is in the form of green tea. If you’re craving luscious strands of healthy hair, you should start sipping green tea right away.

Green Tea – How Healthy Is It?

Green tea is an excellent detoxifying agent that can easily cure many diseases and illnesses. Since it contains antioxidants and is known to be a useful antiviral agent, green tea detox is excellent for fighting cancer, dementia, diabetes and heart conditions. It is majorly used for lowering cholesterol levels and cleansing the body from impurities. . Being an efficient purifying agent, green tea reduces plaque bacteria, fights cavities and strengthens tooth enamel. The best possible benefit of green tea detox is its effect on hair growth. It fights free radicals and disrupts viral/fungal/bacterial growth. According to a study in 2007 by Korean scientists at the Seoul National University College of Medicine, green tea was found to contain traces of EGCG, polyphenol that stimulated dermal papilla cells to enhance hair growth.

Benefits of Green Tea for Hair

Green tea is a great stimulant for hair follicles and assists healthy growth. Natural catechins are present in green tea that suppresses DHT which is known to be the major cause of hair loss. Since green tea is anti-inflammatory, it boosts hair growth and reduces thinning of hair. Necessary compounds found in green tea extract like cartenoids, zinc, chromium, ascorbic acid, manganese and selenium play a major role in providing nourishment to hair follicles.

healthy hair

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One of the major causes of hair loss has been stress and depression. As research dictates, green tea helps minimize stress and fights depression. Individuals who have a hectic lifestyle can consume green tea which immediately calms nerves. This in turn reduces chances of hair loss. One of the major constituents in green tea is polyphenol (EGCG) that promotes the growth of hair follicles. This is because it strengthens hair roots and triggers smooth growth of cells for a healthy mass of hair.

Are you tired of waking up every morning to continuous dandruff shedding? Do you constantly feel an itch in your hair? Since green tea contains antimicrobial features, don’t be surprised if you can use it to wash off bacterial and fungal parasites. Such parasites are known to weaken hair roots due to which hair fall occurs. But if you apply green tea extract mixed with warm water on your hair, hair fall is bound to decrease.

A hair rinse using green tea extract is an excellent form of giving life to your dead strands. You should start with getting a trim to rid your hair of split ends after which you can wash your hair with green tea boiled in water. Don’t forget to shampoo and condition your hair afterwards to obtain silky smooth strands. This you can practice on a routine basis to add extra shine to your hair.

One of the best benefits of using green tea detox is its ability to enhance hair color. If you’re not comfortable with using chemical products for coloring your hair, green tea is a healthier alternative. The staining properties of green tea naturally add color to blonde and brunette hair which is not only cost effective but also nourishing. Consuming green tea twice a day regularly will automatically show results not just on hair growth but all organ systems in your body.

How to Use?

You can apply green tea extracts in your hair cleansing routine or instead consume it directly in the form of a lovely concoction. If you’re not an avid herbal tea lover, you have other options as well. Green tea pills are a popular product fabricated using green tea extract which boosts hair growth.


With scientific proof in hand, green tea is certainly an excellent tonic for hair loss problems. The above mentioned benefits of green tea will help you decide whether it is really worth an investment or not. Whether you’re suffering from non-genetic early age balding or excessive dandruff, green tea is a natural form of treating such problems. Since green tea can improve body metabolism it automatically affects hair cells to produce new strands at a faster rate. But it is important to note that green tea cannot treat serious ailments like alopecia, which is a genetic hair loss condition. If you aren’t fond of treating your hair conditions with chemical agents, green tea detox is a natural stimulant that facilitates healthy growth.